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Scholarships Offered

Academic Scholarship: Year 7, 10 & 11, 2023

● Year 7, Year 10 & Year 11, 2023 ● Registration Closes: 6 February 2022 ● Examinati...

● Year 7, Year 10 & Year 11, 2023

● Registration Closes: 6 February 2022

● Examination Date: 19 February 2022

All registrations for Academic Scholarships are to be completed ONLINE via

  1. The awarding of the Academic Scholarships will be based upon performance in the Academic Assessment Services testing as well as a review of the student’s portfolio that they will be requested to upload at registration.
  2. Based on the results of the tests as well as the review of the student’s Portfolio, a percentage of applicants will be called in for an Interview.
  3. The Academic Scholarships will be offered as either 100%, 50% or 25% of School Fees (Not including Acceptance Fees or Service Charges) depending upon the number of students identified for receiving a Scholarship.

For more information regarding Academic Scholarships at St Luke’s, including requirements of the Portfolio, please visit

Music Scholarships: Years 7 & 11, 2023

● Year 7 & Year 11, 2023 ● Registration Closes: 18 March 2022 ● Performance Recordin...

● Year 7 & Year 11, 2023

● Registration Closes: 18 March 2022

● Performance Recordings Due: 18 March 2022

All registrations for Music Scholarships are to be completed ONLINE, via

  1. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of performance in the Recording and at the Audition, and through experience, determined by documentation received such as AMEB Grade results etc and Interview.
  2. Scholarships include remission of Tuition Fees ranging from 25% to 100% and are tenable to Year 12 as well as covering the costs of Music Ensemble membership.
  3. The Music Scholarship process contains 3 stages:
    • Stage 1: Registration and Performance Recordings.
    • Stage 2: Live Auditions (for shortlisted applicants) and Panel Interview
    • Stage 3: Principal Interview (for further shortlisted applicants)

For more information regarding Music Scholarships at St Luke’s, including requirements of the Performance Recordings, please visit

Important dates

Feb 6th 2022

Academic Scholarship - Registrations Close

Feb 19th 2022

Academic Scholarship - Examination Date

Mar 18th 2022

Music Scholarship - Registrations Close

Mar 18th 2022

Music Scholarship - Performance Recordings Due

About St Luke’s Grammar School

It is an exciting time to be a student at St Luke’s, and the School’s well-developed learning culture and agility to respond to evidence based innovations enable it to provide stimulating opportunities for  students inside and outside the classroom. The School is future-focused and committed to providing students with the opportunity to find their passion and pursue it – in any field of endeavour.

St Luke’s has built a strong culture of consistent academic rigour in the context of whole-person education, where each child is known, supported and challenged as they explore and learn about the world in which we live. The outstanding 2020 HSC results saw St Luke’s placed at 24th in the State, and as ‘top independent School on the Northern Beaches’ for the 8th year in a row.

Whilst St Luke’s has a strong focus on learning excellence, student wellbeing is also a priority at the School. A community is made up of many relationships and it is the strength of these relationships that makes St Luke’s a place where students love to come to school each day. Mutual respect between staff, students and our supportive parent body provides a safe and inclusive environment in which each student can thrive as an individual.

The Christian faith underpins and informs the work of the School as the School seeks to develop young men and women of character who will stand up against injustice and serve the communities in which they live.

We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful community.

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